Our Story




Ethical Exchange Sustainability Services is an independent company that provides environmental and sustainable solutions for entities and individuals. We are an independent advisor to all entities regarding environmental strategies, sustainable strategies as well as corporate social responsibility projects and reporting. We focus on achieving solutions that are practical, never compromising on environmental quality or social quality, while meeting project timelines and budget needs.

Our opinion is qualified and well respected by government authorities, industry and community groups. The results we deliver ensure that our clients meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility, whilst maintaining control of their day to day business needs.

Ethical Exchange offers businesses the opportunity to change the way in which they interact with their natural and social environment with a practical, hands-on approach that delivers financial returns while at the same time, positioning participating businesses internationally as “environmentally responsible” and “socially responsible”.  We use our experience to reduce delays, improve sustainability and bring about cost effective environmental management.

The founder of the company, Mari Wolmarans, is a registered professional with extensive experience in the environmental consulting field.

Ethical Exchange has offices in Hermanus, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth