Sustainability inSight

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September 2014   Making sense of the flurry of environmental legal developments – keeping our clients compliant     Dear Colleagues and Clients   As environmental practitioner, I am often asked to explain ‘so what do you really do?’ I like to shake things up a little with answers people least expect. One such case […]

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Zero food waste to landfill solution – so easy

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Food waste isn’t just a devastating misuse of natural resources, it’s also a huge part of the world’s carbon footprint.   Every year, the world throws out about 1.3 billion tons of food — a startling one-third of the food produced. And that creates a greenhouse gas footprint bigger than all countries, except for China […]

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Qualities and views of successful people

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Leadership requires commitment to growth and change – but you need the right growth and the right change. Like Peter Drucker once said: ‘Management is doing things right, and Leadership is doing the right things’. I therefore conclude that you have to do the ‘right things right’. Here is useful checklist to see how well you, […]

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Career Smart: What Makes a Great Leader?

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Most people know a story about a highly intelligent, highly skilled person who was promoted into a leadership position, only to fail at the job. Why does this happen? What is the essential ingredient to great leadership?

Daniel Goleman, author of the book “Emotional Intelligence: Why It May Matter More than IQ” researched nearly 200 large, global companies, and found that while the qualities traditionally associated with leadership such as intelligence, toughness, determination, and vision are required for success, they are not enough to make a great leader.

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