Ethical Exchange launches Energy Division

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Ethical Exchange is continuing its commitment to Sustainable Environments with the launch of its Energy Division says COO Wim Schroeder.

“Sustainability is about reducing our impact on the planet, providing a better future for our children” says Schroeder. The current demands made by coal fired power stations on our environment is huge, both in terms of raw materials as well as emissions. Add to this the instability and uncertainty of our electricity supply and we have a recipe that will continue to effect everyone negatively.

Ethical Exchange is therefore entering the renewable energy field, assisting homeowners and businesses with analyzing their energy needs and providing either complimentary or alternative energy solutions. These will include Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels, wind turbines, inverters and deep cycle batteries.

“All our solutions are focused on identifying our customers needs and to provide a full turnkey solution, either as a phased approach or as a complete project” Schroeder says.