Environmental Consulting Services

Sustainability is more than just minimising environmental impacts. We work with our clients to proactively build upon what they have in place, and to overcome operational, regulatory, financial and reputational challenges. We assess, audit, strategize and innovate to enable our clients to absorb sustainability into core business processes and decisions, while making long-term business sense.


Environmental Auditing

We use a variety of evaluations to determine environmental legal compliance as well as environmental management system (EMS) implementation gaps. Our audit checklists and procedures are structured around your desired business outcomes and their relationships to relevant environmental legislation. We identify environmental risks, provide recommendations as well as strategic ethical advice on how to continually improve your footprint on the environment, improve business processes and have overall regulatory compliance. In order to translate the recommendations to actions, we will assist in drawing up and oversee relevant corrective actions.


Environmental Monitoring and Control

We provide reliable environmental monitoring services. We will tailor a specific program, using experienced specialists, to meet your long term environmental monitoring or your short term discharge / contamination event monitoring requirements.

In addition, we provide for the training and management of onsite environmental control officers (ECO’s) to ensure that they are equipped to carry out onsite monitoring during project implementation phases.




Environmental Management Systems

We are experienced in the compilation and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) which meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and other standards applicable to tourism, educational institutions or SME’s. An EMS is a useful tool to have as part of your overall management strategy. An EMS identifies the aspects and impacts of your industry and manages all impacts according to legislation and best practice.
Having an EMS in place makes it easier to identify problems or opportunities, particularly when combined with auditing. These can be live systems which link directly to your documents (licenses, regulations, complaints register etc).


Rehabilitation Planning and Implementation

We provide expert advice and assistance with regulatory compliance for all aspects of rehabilitation and restoration. Our services include rehabilitation feasibility studies, reporting on compliance criteria and close out. The development and implementation of effective rehabilitation strategies ensures rehabilitation results in a sustainable, long-term manner. This results in land use that is compliant with stakeholder expectations and requirements, providing a positive environmental outcome. We address all aspects of rehabilitation practice from pre-disturbance to final relinquishment, and provide the following rehabilitation services to enable successful rehabilitation outcomes:

  • Project Environmental Management: both baseline and feasibility studies, including botanical surveys (weeds and dieback etc.), assessment of existing vegetation condition, research and review of information databases, soil capability surveys, fauna surveys and hydrological surveys
  • Landform design: characterising, handling, shaping the landscape to meet natural contours
  • Rehabilitation research: defining key questions from a practitioner’s perspective, prioritising research responses, experimental design and engaging research institutions
  • Stakeholder engagement: Local communities, Government, non-government organisations and Traditional Owners
  • Ecosystem reconstruction: site specific re-vegetation solutions, including seed management (correct species selection, collection, storage), fauna habitat enhancement, flora and fauna monitoring, remedial solutions
  • Management and reporting systems: implementation, supervision, co-ordination, training and technical assistance
  • Rehabilitation management systems: the rehabilitation and re-vegetation design, strategies, management plans, guidelines, step-by-step procedures, specifications, action plans, knowledge capture, transfer and auditing
  • Completion criteria: site specific indicators and criteria acceptable to all stakeholders
  • Assessment and review: reporting systems and annual monitoring reports



Environmental Impact Assessments and Basic Assessments

We have over 20 years’ experience in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) field. Our vast experience in the EIA field means that we understand what is required from Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP’s), specialists, the client and the authorities and we are thus well suited to manage the EIA process from beginning to end.
We have the expertise to:

  • compile and/or review EIA / BA reports
  • compile and/or review the required EMPs
  • manage the process from beginning to end

You can expect the following from us:

  • Compilation of a detailed terms of reference (TOR)
  • Identification of a reputable company to carry out the public participation process
  • Identification of reputable specialists to carry out specialist studies required
  • Authority consultation
  • Compilation / review of applicable reports to ensure quality, factual work is submitted
  • Compilation of EMP taking all project phases into account
  • Compilation of procedures required for successful impact mitigation and management
  • Continuous quality management of the process from beginning to end