Exchange Projects


Ethical Exchange assists companies with the management and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, BEE related projects, offset projects and sustainable development projects in a unique and transparent manner.

Examples of such projects includes:

  • Renewable energy projects
  • Energy Efficiency projects
  • Reforestation projects
  • Methane collection and combustion
  • Food production programmes
  • Waste management strategies and techniques
  • Water quality improvement strategies and techniques
  • Or a combination of the above

Projects can be sponsored by one company or from a variety of companies.
These projects can be incorporated as part of the companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility.
The projects assist participating companies with BEE.
Selective projects contribute towards offsetting air, water, soil or energy impacts.
There are a range of products which can be sponsored to a specific project.

We manage all funding and donations, we mange the implementation of the projects, we audit the project sites and we compile the social responsiblity or sustaianbility report on behalf of our sponsors.

We operate in a transparent manner and continuously communicate to the sponsoring companies. sponsors can choose an exisitng project to support or new projects suited to the needs of the sponsor can be managed and implemented.

Please contact us for detailed information on the project you would like to support.

Existing projects to support include:

  • The GreenTeach Project
  • ZAMA school

All the projects are beneficial to the natural, social and economic environment.



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