NW12301 BAR

Basic Assessment Report for a Prospecting Right Application on Various Portions of Farm Hartebeespoort B 410 JQ
Environmental Authorisation – 24 April 2019




Additional Information required by Department: Mineral Resources (DMR) and Department: Rural, Environmental and Agricultural Development (READ)

– Comments from DMR 2 August 2018
– Comments from READ North West Province 26 June 2018

– BAR and EMP

Appendix A – BAR and EMP Regulated Requirements

Appendix B – EAP Details

– Appendix B1 – EAP Undertaking signed under Oath
– Appendix B1 – EAP Declaration as per EA application
– Appendix B2 Mari Wolmarans EAP CV
– Appendix B3 Mari Wolmarans Professional Documents
– Appendix B4 Michele Kilbourn Louw CV
– Appendix B5 Michele Kilbourn Louw Professional Documents

Appendix C – Confirmation of Wetlands

Appendix D Comments and Response Report

Appendix E – Record of Public Participation Process
Appendix E1 – Register of Interested and Affected Parties
Appendix E1 – Details of NGOs and Organs of State
Appendix E2 – Written notices sent to IAPs
– Background Information and Map
– Reply Sheet 1 – Registration as IAP & Comment on New Prospecting Right Application
– Reply Sheet 2 – Comment on Closure of Old Prospecting Right & Boreholes
– Notices of Basic Assessment Report and Environmental Management Program review
Appendix E3 – Advertisements
– Brits Post 30 March 2018
– Platinum-Weekly 30 March 2018
Appendix E4 Site Notices
Appendix E5 Record of communication to and from IAPs


Appendix F – Closure Costs


Appendix G – Maps
Appendix G1 – Prospecting Area with Farm Portions
Appendix G2 – Terrestrial Ecological Status
Appendix G3 – Biodiversity Importance
Appendix G4 – Acquatic Ecological Status